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Download Christmas White Elephant Gifts Background

Download Christmas White Elephant Gifts Background. When that white elephant gift exchange invite hits your inbox, you might start freaking out about the perfect present to delight your friends, horrify your (and hey, icymi, white elephant is a holiday game where everyone brings a gift, and one person starts the game by picking a present at random. The white elephant gift exchange is all about having fun, laughing and tricking each other while enjoying christmas festivities, so as long as you are contributing to the fun atmosphere and the gift you pick is not boring, you should be just fine.

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25 white elephant gift ideas you'll actually want to steal. You could choose funny, hillarious white elephant gifts below and know that not only those who open it will love it, but everyone else in the party as well. Typically, white elephant gift exchanges are centered around christmas, though this is not always the case.

Whether you are planning a white elephant gift exchange or simply attending one, this guide will tell you all you need to know about this strange yet hilarious christmas tradition.

There will be variants of the white elephant games (yankee swap, secret santa, etc), but the general idea is this: Since humor is a big part of any good christmas party gift exchange, you know that the item you have chosen will not dissapoint as long as it can. Great white elephant gift ideas that everyone will want to steal! 40 white elephant gifts that everyone will fight for in 2020.

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